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Vessels by Schlanser is a new introduction of a series of one of a kind Vessels designed by Stephen Schlanser. They are part of the handcrafted Art Glass Collection created at the California based studio.

Each Vessel is individually created and there are never two pieces alike. They are truly One of a kind Vessels by Stephen Schlanser.

Japanese Maple Vessel Mark Twain Vessel Gold Physician’s Prayer Vessel Serenity Prayer Vessel vessel of Bamboo branches Serenity Prayer Home Blessing Vessel Call me Ishmael Moby Dick ABC of Life Vessel Queen Anne's Lace Vessel Silver Japanese Maple Vessel Gold Judaic Home Blessing Prayer Life's Measure Vessel Rumi Poem Queen Anne's Lace Vessel Gold ABC of Life Vessel 2 Apache Blessing Vessel The Road Not Taken Multi Colored Cast Vessel This Woman of Valor




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